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A Memorable Day at the Busy Week Shootout

A Memorable Day at the Busy Week Shootout

Our experience at the Busy Week Shootout was nothing short of extraordinary. We had the privilege of witnessing an impressive display of lighting fixtures from renowned companies such as Martin, Ayrton, Clay Paky, and Chauvet. The event showcased talent, innovation, and technical brilliance, leaving us in awe.

Each participating company brought their best offerings, and every fixture we encountered was impressive in its own right. Martin wowed us with their precise beam control and exceptional colour reproduction. Ayrton showcased versatility and dynamic effects that were truly captivating. Clay Paky impressed us with their craftsmanship and reliability, while Chauvet demonstrated innovation and flexibility in their lighting solutions.

Choosing the right fixtures for our fleet now poses a challenge, as each company presented unique strengths and innovations. We were thoroughly impressed by their performances and cannot wait to incorporate these cutting-edge lights into our own events.

The Busy Week Shootout 2023 provided valuable insights into the capabilities of different lighting fixtures and ignited our imagination. We now have a clearer understanding of the features and qualities we value most in our lighting equipment.


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As we reflect on the day, we eagerly anticipate our future decisions. The remarkable displays we witnessed have left a lasting impression, and we are excited about upgrading our lighting inventory with these exceptional fixtures. It's an exhilarating time as we enter the next phase of our journey.

The Busy Week Shootout 2023 not only allowed us to evaluate lighting fixtures but also provided invaluable networking opportunities. We connected with industry professionals, lighting designers, and technicians, exchanging ideas, insights, and experiences. The event fostered a sense of community and collaboration within the lighting industry, enriching our journey even further.

Stay tuned for an upcoming video that will capture the essence of the Busy Week Shootout 2023. This captivating footage will allow you to relive the mesmerising performances, witness the awe-inspiring lighting displays, and experience the atmosphere that surrounded this exceptional event. Prepare to be amazed by the brilliance that unfolded before our eyes.


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In conclusion, our day at the Busy Week Shootout was truly unforgettable. We immersed ourselves in a world of dazzling lights, witnessed remarkable performances, and now face the exciting task of selecting the perfect fixtures to elevate our events to new heights. We look forward to a future filled with unforgettable moments for our clients, made possible by these remarkable lighting fixtures.

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